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What better metaphor for democratic free-market risk-tacking than poker. James McManus, Positively Fifth Street

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Poker Review, Poker Gambling, Online Poker Games, Play Poker. A variety of online Video Poker casinos, picked by professional Video Poker Players, plus strategy's & guides that will help you improve your online entertainment. 

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Online Poker UK, Online Poker Reviews, Rooms, Games, Bonuses.  Examination of different styles of poker games, including rules and strategies.  Poker is very popular in every country. Old and young people like to play poker every day. Some of them play Poker Game in real casinos, others in online based casinos. 
Discover the best online virtuial casinos, hot gambling action on the internet at the best gambling Houses, plus a wide variety of loose gambling machines. 
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Our gaming Guru Mark Pilarski, answers your questions with helpful Strategy & Tips & advice.
Dear Mark:

Playing Jacks-or-Better on video poker, should I keep a non-winning pair and draw three cards like I have been doing, or should I be throwing it away and draw one card to fill in a four-card flush, or a four card open ended straight? Bill W.

In certain situations, Bill, a non-winning low pair has a calculable value (the average value of all the wins attainable if the optimum cards are retained and each unique possible draw occurs) and can be worth keeping. But the way you have been playing them, always holding the low pair, is correct some, but not all, of the time. The low pair is worth saving against a four-card straight with no, or only one, high card, but that low pair should be discarded if your four-card straight has two or three high cards, and most definitely when you have a four-card flush.

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