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One should always play fair when one has the winning cards. Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)

Welcome to   Poker Games - Game Poker - Download Free Poker Game.  Find online poker rooms where you can play for real money or for free in tournaments, online and offline.  Poker is a card game, the most popular of a class of games called vying games, in which players with fully or partially concealed cards make wagers into a central pot, which is awarded to the player.

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Our gaming Guru Mark Pilarski, answers your questions with helpful Strategy & Tips & advice.
Poker Satellite Tournament

Dear Mark:
Could you please explain how a satellite tournament works in poker, and how one goes from one of these types of tournaments to a larger, more profitable one? Martin C.

A satellite tournament, Martin, is a special tournament whose prize isn't necessarily cold hard cash, but a buy-in to a larger tournament.

A one-table satellite tournament usually has just one winner, although second place is occasionally awarded a free entry to another tournament or cash. In larger satellite tournaments with multiple tables, the winner may get not only an entry to a larger tournament, but also such perks as round-trip airfare and accommodations, especially if the tournament takes place in a city other than that of the larger satellite. The winner may also get a percentage of the excess cash accumulated in buy-ins and re-buys. Second, third, and even additional places can also win a percentage of this cash or buy-ins to this or to other tournaments.

The larger the tournament, Martin, the more places that are paid, from as few as one in a one-table satellite, three in a small tourney, eight to ten in a medium-sized contest, to as many as 36 in a $10,000 buy-in televised World Poker Tour tournament.

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Our gaming Guru Mark Pilarski, answers your questions with helpful Strategy & Tips & advice.

Dear Mark:
Playing Jacks-or-Better on video poker, should I keep a non-winning pair and draw three cards like I have been doing, or should I be throwing it away and draw one card to fill in a four-card flush, or a four card open ended straight? Bill W.

In certain situations, Bill, a non-winning low pair has a calculable value (the average value of all the wins attainable if the optimum cards are retained and each unique possible draw occurs) and can be worth keeping. But the way you have been playing them, always holding the low pair, is correct some, but not all, of the time. The low pair is worth saving against a four-card straight with no, or only one, high card, but that low pair should be discarded if your four-card straight has two or three high cards, and most definitely when you have a four-card flush.

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